Right to be forgotten

Right to be forgotten

Accident Compensation Helpline Ltd prides itself on not cold calling, however from time to time we understand that people enter information onto our website incorrectly. This is very costly to our business and we make every effort to prevent these unnecessary calls.

We understand that you may be frustrated, but would ask that you complete the form below, so that we can process your request quickly and efficiently.

Once the form below is completed and submitted, we will be able to action the removal of personal and identifiable data from our system as covered under GDPR, with the exception of this request.

This request will be stored separately to our core processing activities and will only be retrievable by select employees of Accident Compensation Helpline to demonstrate in an audit that this request has been actioned.

Request to be deleted

We will action your request within 30 days

    I understand this data will be retained as proof of the request to delete my detailsI understand that by removing my personal and identifiable data from the system Accident Compensation Helpline will not contact me furtherI confirm that I would like any trace of data related to the above provided information removed from Accident Compensation Helpline Systems

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